A New Review of Sleepy Toes by Kelli McNeil from Kirkus Reviews!

I’m thrilled to share another great review of Sleepy Toes, this one’s from one of the industry’s more respected publications, Kirkus Reviews!

The full review can be found here but here are some of the highlights!

McNeil’s text incorporates a simple mindfulness technique of first noticing, then consciously relaxing each body part to help energetic toddlers slow down enough to fall sleep. Seven perky tots recall their activity-filled days before toddling off to bed. The formula is simple. First there is a question: “Are your toes getting sleepy? Very very sleepy?” This is followed by a description of activities: “All day long they wiggle along—wiggly, wobbly toes.” The final stanza for each body part tells readers, “now it’s time to get some rest,” then reinforces that suggestion, ending with a rhyme.


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