Seeing the Difference Your Work Makes

As artists, it’s very hard to know sometimes whether or not your work is impacting people. As a musician you might wonder if and when anyone is listening to your tracks. As a writer you wonder if and when anyone is actually reading your words and whether or not they mean anything to anyone and how they are being received.


I of course, always wonder whether or not my work is good enough and perhaps I cling to it a little too tightly before I allow it to roam freely in the universe where it was intended to go.


However, I have been incredibly lucky with my first book, in that not only has it gotten pretty good reviews, but readers and friends have taken the time to share with me unsolicited photos of their young readers enjoying the pages of Sleepy Toes. 


They’ve been kind enough to let me know that this has become part of their bedtime ritual, that this is one of their little one’s most favorite books, and that they have the words memorized!


It’s been incredible and I’ve been incredibly lucky that these wonderful people and their little readers felt compelled to share their stories with me, and subsequently became part of mine. 😉


Thank you to all who took the time to share these lovely photos with me. Have a wonderful weekend.  ~K